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Section 6 » Order Fagales » Family Fagaceae
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DistributionDocumented as escapes only from Richmond, Robeson, and possibly Craven counties. Other specimens from Durham, Guilford, Harnett, Jackson, Orange, Randolph, and Swain counties are from cultivated plants.

Native of Japan; in N.A. PA to MO, south to GA and TX.
AbundanceRare as an escape. Planted rather widely for ornament or for wildlife food.
HabitatBottomland hardwoods (Robeson Co.), small trees in Bird Dog Field Trial clearing (Richmond Co.), no data (Craven Co.).
PhenologyFlowering -- no data, probably April. Fruiting -- autumn.
IdentificationSawtooth Oak can be a large tree, but escapes from cultivation are likely to be saplings. Leaves are narrowly elliptical and taper to a sharp or blunt tip, and the margins have many teeth with bristle tips. Acorns have rough cup scales that are recurved or twisted in various ways. The nut is short. The leaves look somewhat like those of the native Chinquapin Oak (Q. muehlenbergii) but are not as deeply toothed.
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