Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Winter-creeper - Euonymus fortunei   (Turczaninow) Handel-Mazzetti
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Section 6 » Order Celastrales » Family Celastraceae
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Author(Turczaninow) Handel-Mazzetti
DistributionScattered across the Mountains and Piedmont. Surely there are other populations out there.

Native of eastern Asia; in N.A. MA to Ont. and MI, south to GA and TX.
AbundanceRare, as far as is known.
HabitatDisturbed woods along creeks and rivers, floodplain forests, wooded slopes, campus woods.
See also Habitat Account for Exotic Invaded Habitats
PhenologyFlowering May-June; fruiting October-December.
IdentificationWinter-creeper is an evergreen climber, or may spread on the ground (or both at once). Leaves are ovate, mostly 2 inches long or so (but twice that in some horticultural forms), margins bluntly crenate, upper surface often mottled with paler green or just the veins pale. Flowers are only 3-4 mm long, white to greenish.
Taxonomic CommentsOur plants are var. radicans, sometime treated as a full species.

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Maria DunlaveyRich boulderfield forest, Graham Co., 2022. GrahamPhoto_non_natural
B.A. SorrieNew Hope Bottomlands south of 15-501, Durham County, 2 Sept 2021. DurhamOther_non_natural

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