Vascular Plants of North Carolina
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Section 6 » Family Oxalidaceae
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DistributionMostly in the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont; scarce westward.

Native of South America; in N.A. VA to FL and TX, CA-OR.
AbundanceUncommon to fairly common in the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont; rare westward.
HabitatYards, disturbed woods, along creeks and rivers, campuses, roadsides.
PhenologyFlowering late March-May; sometimes again in October-November.
IdentificationThis woodsorrel has relatively large leaves that are not blotched with purple on the upper surface, as in the native O. violacea. Petals are magenta, rose, or pink.
Taxonomic CommentsA name often used for this plant is O. rubra.

Other Common Name(s)Often called Pink Woodsorrel, or Pink Sorrel. However, O. debilis is generally named as Pink Woodsorrel, and thus one of these two needs another name; "Pink Sorrel" isn't the best, as the group common name for Oxalis is "Woodsorrel". An alternative name for O. articulata is Windowbox Woodsorrel, which will have to suffice to avoid identical or very confusing common names.
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