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DistributionThere are no specimens by this name (nor its synonyms) in SERNEC. Yet, BONAP maps it in 5 counties -- Brunswick, Johnston, Mecklenburg, New Hanover, and Wake! Weakley (2018) considers it as rare in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain, perhaps basing this on the BONAP map. This big discrepancy needs to be clarified before the website editors feel comfortable in accepting E. hirta into the NC flora.

Native of Mexico, W.I., and into South America; in N.A. NC to FL, TX, CA.
AbundanceApparently no specimens. Could be given a State Rank of SRF (reported falsely), but with BONAP/Weakley both reporting it for parts of the state, for now it will remain as a very rare non-native in NC, with seemingly no specimen documentation located by the editors as yet.
Taxonomic CommentsSynonyms include Chamaesyce hirta and C. gemella.

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