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Account for Slender Cottonweed - Froelichia gracilis   (Hooker) Moquin-Tandon
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Section 6 » Order Caryophyllales » Family Amaranthaceae
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Author(Hooker) Moquin-Tandon
DistributionMostly in the Sandhills and southern Coastal Plain; scattered northwards and northwestwards in the Piedmont and Mountains. First collected in 1958 in Ashe, Stokes, and Forsyth counties; then in 1970 in New Hanover County. It appears to be expanding its distribution in NC since the mid-1980s.

Native of middle portions of the U.S. (west of the Appalachians); adventive eastwards from NH to FL.
AbundanceInfrequent in the Sandhills and southern Coastal Plain; rare in the Piedmont and Mountains, and elsewhere in the Coastal Plain.
HabitatDry to xeric sandy soils of roadsides, railroad margins, disturbed bay rims, fields, trailsides, waste ground, parking lots.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting June-October.
IdentificationSlender Cottonweed resembles the native-in-NC Florida Cottonweed (F. floridana), but is a shorter plant with widely spreading to ascending stems, branching from the base. Both species have very odd "papery-looking" narrow clusters of whitish flowers terminating branches and the main stem.
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B.A. SorrieMoore Co., vacant lot, Southern Pines, July 2009. MoorePhoto_non_natural
B.A. SorrieSandy roadside, Pinebluff, Aug 2014. MoorePhoto_non_natural
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