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Account for Piedmont Bedstraw - Galium pedemontanum   (Bellardi) Allioni
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Author(Bellardi) Allioni
DistributionScattered in the Mountains and Piedmont; barely into the Sandhills in Moore County.

Native of Southern Europe; in N.A. across much of the continent, but absent from the south Atlantic Coastal Plain.
AbundanceUncommon to locally numerous throughout; perhaps also overlooked.
HabitatFields, cropfields, roadsides, railroads, yard weed, disturbed areas. Grows in very dense stands or patches.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-July.
IdentificationPiedmont Bedstraw grows 1-2 feet tall (often less), slender, with 4 leaves per whorl. The leaves are very narrowly triangular, broadest at the stem, and very hairy. The flowers are pale greenish and tiny, in axils. As fruits develop, the flower stalks bend down nearly 360 degrees and place the fruits on the underside of the leaf whorl -- very odd indeed.
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Harry LeGrandEcotone of a cropland and a wooded edge; near Lake Myra, Wake County; 12 May 2020 WakePhoto_non_natural
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