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DistributionAccording to SERNEC specimens (two at NCU), this species was collected at "Mill Pond" in Wilmington (New Hanover County) in 1909. This might be Greenfield Lake. This information might not have been available to RAB (1968), as the species is not mentioned in that reference for either Carolina.

This is a far Southern species, ranging from southern GA and western FL west near the Gulf of Mexico to LA. The NC record is highly disjunct, as there are no records for SC and most of GA.
AbundanceLong historical, by 110 years. Should be considered as extirpated (SX) and not as historical (SH). The NCNHP does not have it in its database, and thus the website editors suggest a State Status of Significantly Rare.
HabitatWeakley (2018) says its habitats are "Wet pine savannas and flatwoods, depression ponds".
PhenologyProbably in summer and fall in NC; blooms from late spring to early fall in FL.
IdentificationThis is a Lobelia with its larger leaves in a basal rosette. These leaves are oblancelate in shape, and the stem leaves are scattered and very slender. Otherwise, it has a slender, wand-like stem with the top portion a narrow raceme of light blue flowers. No other Lobelia in the Carolinas has large basal leaves, especially in comparison with very small stem leaves.
Taxonomic CommentsNone

Other Common Name(s)None
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Global RankG5
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