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DistributionNorthern Mountains. A single specimen from Watauga County, collected in 1954 and at herbarium BOON, is purportedly this species. It needs to be carefully checked for identification. Several more specimens from one locality in Madison County turn out to be A. howellii ssp. neodioica.

N.S. to N.W.T., south to VA, northwestern NC, KY, AR, OK, CO.
AbundancePresumably very rare, but more data are needed. No information on the size of the Watauga County population. Interestingly, Weakley's (2018) map shows the species as "uncommon" in the Piedmont and "rare" in the Mountains; however, SERNEC records do not show this pattern of abundance at all. The taxonomy of the genus is unsettled, and specimens can be difficult to sort into species, much less into subspecies and varieties. The website editors have assigned a tentative State Rank of S1? and a State Status of Watch List for now.
HabitatNo data for NC. Elsewhere in the range, it occurs in woodland and forest openings, clearings, outcrops, ledges, and roadsides.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-June.
IdentificationThe species looks very similar to Howell's Pussytoes (A. howellii), and is separated by technical characters -- see Weakley (2018).
Taxonomic CommentsNone. This species was not known as far south as NC when RAB (1968) was published.

Other Common Name(s)None
State Rank[S1?]
Global RankG5
State Status[W7]
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