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Section 6 » Order Asterales » Family Asteraceae
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DistributionSERNEC contains an 1897 record from Hollow Rock, Orange County, which we tentatively treat as an escaped population. SERNEC records from Wake County are from an arboretum and are thus not mapped.

Native of the Midwest from IN, WI and MN south to LA and OK. Possibly also native in western KY, western TN, western MS.
AbundanceVery rare. Perhaps no longer present in the state (as an escape). In fact, it is not even known if the Orange County record was an escape versus a planted individual, which would exclude the species from this flora.
HabitatNo NC data.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting -- no NC data.
IdentificationSweet Coneflower heads look much like those of Black-eyed Susan (R. hirta), but the rays are usually narrower. The stems and leaves are rough hairy and a bit broader than in that species. Also, the plants grow taller (up to 6 feet high); Black-eyed Susan grows no taller than 3 feet. Note the lobing on one or more basal and lower leaves -- both Weakley (2018) and Cronquist say "yes", though FNA says "no" -- that should clinch the ID.
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