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DistributionTwo misidentified records for the state. A specimen from Richmond County (NCU) has been determined by E. Ungberg to be an atypical form of S. rugosa. A specimen (USCH) from Moore County is also misidentified.

Central and western SC, south to northwestern FL and southeastern MS. This is a rare and poorly known species across its southern range, seemingly unfamiliar to nearly all NC botanists and other biologists, as its range lies essentially south of the state.
AbundanceNot in NC, but to be looked for in southern counties.
Habitat"Open woodlands, bluff forests." (Weakley 2022)
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting September-October.
IdentificationDixie Goldenrod is quite remarkable in its very long and arching inflorescence branches (mostly spikes or narrow racemes), and its short (1 inch or less) elliptic-ovate and essentially entire leaves that are closely set on the stem and branches. Some individuals of S. rugosa var. aspera may look superficially similar, but that species has basal and lower stem leaves that are much larger than stem leaves. This species should be quite obviously different from other goldenrods to a botanist who might encounter it for the first time.
Taxonomic CommentsNone

Other Common Name(s)None
State RankSRF
Global RankG3G4
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