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DistributionVouchered from 3 Piedmont counties: Mecklenburg County, edge of woods by soccer field, Davidson College, 1964; Cabarrus County, roadside near cemetery, 1998. The Montgomery County specimens were originally determined as L. x bella.

Native of China; in N.A. NY to IL south to NC and AL.
AbundanceVery rare on the landscape, although considered locally abundant in Montgomery County.
HabitatCampus woods by soccer field, roadside near cemetery, rocky woodlands.
PhenologyFlowering February - early April.
IdentificationStandish's Honeysuckle is a shrub with relatively large leaves (but smaller than L. maackii) and with a shorter drip-tip than maackii. The flowers are white, fading to yellowish. Note the earlier blooming period compared with maackii.
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