Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for False Maiden-fern - Macrothelypteris torresiana   (Gaudichaud-Beaupre) Ching
Members of Thelypteridaceae:
Only member of Macrothelypteris in NC.
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Section 2 » Family Thelypteridaceae
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Author(Gaudichaud-Beaupre) Ching
DistributionOnly three specimens at SERNEC are of adventive or established plants; all others are cultivated (Chatham, Mecklenburg counties) or mis-annotated (Avery County). Polk County: edge of woods along county road 1151, C. Horn in 2015 (specimen at herbarium NBYC); Anson County: B. Dill in 2022 (at NCU); and Wilson County: pine forest behind a home (NCU), M. Basinger in 2020.

Native to tropical Africa and Asia; in N.A. mostly Gulf Coastal Plain, north to NC and AR. Weakley also maps waifs in VA, KY, and IL.
AbundanceVery rare.
HabitatRoadside edge of woods, and other disturbed ground.
IdentificationFalse Maiden-fern fronds are 2-4 feet long, broadest towards the base. Blades are 2-pinnate and taper-tipped. Sori are brown, round, and medial. The 2-pinnate blades separate it from the genus Thelypteris.
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