Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Woolly Frog's-mouth - Philydrum lanuginosum   Banks & Solander ex GaertnerOnly member of Philydrum in NC.
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Section 5 » Family Philydraceae
AuthorBanks & Solander ex Gaertner
DistributionSo far known only from Pender County, discovered in 2016 by Judy Morgan-Davis and Andy Walker (specimens and photos).

Native of southeastern Asia and Australia; in N.A. known only from NC and a 2020 record from SC.
AbundanceVery rare. However, the population numbers in the thousands.
HabitatArtificial pond. Little other vegetation occurs.
PhenologyFlowering in July-August.
IdentificationPlants grow in clumps of long, slender, erect leaves. Flowering stems far exceed the leaves and reach 5-7 feet tall, are reddish brown below, becoming green towards the tip, and the upper portions relatively covered with cobwebby white hairs. The flowers grow singly from sharp, triangular bracts, bright yellow, appearing to have only 2 spreading lobes (or petals).
Taxonomic CommentsApparently this is the first occurrence of this family and genus becoming naturalized in N.A.

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