Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Northern Bigleaf Marsh-elder - Iva frutescens var. oraria   (Bartlett) Fernald & Griscom
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Author(Bartlett) Fernald & Griscom
DistributionNC is the southern range limit of var. oraria. There are 2 specimens from Roanoke Island at herbarium NCU, collected in 1940 and 1958.
AbundanceApparently very rare.
Habitat"Canal bank, vicinity of Skyco"; "sandy bank near water's edge, between ferry and Fort Raleigh."
IdentificationSee Taxonomic Comments below.
Taxonomic CommentsNone at the species level. However, a few recent references list two varieties found in the state. The nominate variety -– var. frutescens, occurs from Dare County southward, whereas var. oraria is the northern form, and it grows south to Roanoke Island in Dare County. See Weakley (2018) for distinctions between these two varieties; leaves of var. oraria are distinctly wider (often 2x) than those of var. frutescens.

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