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Section 6 » Family Aquifoliaceae
DistributionDiscovered in 2020 by Nancy Williamson at Weymouth Woods State Nature Preserve, edge of Boyd Meadow and woods.

Native of China; in N.A. no other records (none mapped by BONAP).
AbundanceVery rare. Apparently a single plant.
HabitatMargin of woods and field.
PhenologyFlowering May (perhaps into June).
IdentificationPurple Holly is readily identified by small tree habit and red-purple or rosy flowers in rather dense clusters. Leaves are larger than our other hollies, thick-textured, with a drip-tip, and margins with blunt crenate teeth.
Taxonomic CommentsA synonym is I. purpurea.

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Nancy WilliamsonEdge of woods and field, Boyd Tract of Weymouth Woods SNP. May 2020. MooreOther_non_natural
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