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Account for Slimstem Reedgrass - Calamagrostis stricta   (Timm.) Koeler
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Section 5 » Family Poaceae
Author(Timm.) Koeler
DistributionThere are 2 specimens from NC, both originally identified as C. canadensis, and annotated in 2020. Ashe County, Bluff Mountain, high bog, 26 July 1965, G.E. Tucker 2879 (NCU); Haywood County, Art Loeb Trail, south of Black Balsam parking area, woodland seep-bog, elev. 5900 ft., 23 May 1993, Dan Pittillo 12092 (NCU).

Subspecies inexpansa occurs from Lab. to AK, south to NY, WV, OH, IA, AZ, CA; disjunct to high Appalachians of NC.
AbundanceVery rare. However, it should be sought in other high elevation wetlands.
HabitatHigh elevation seepages and fens.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting May-August.
IdentificationSlimstem Reedgrass is a more robust plant than C. canadensis (although not taller), the leaves broader and the inflorescence thicker and denser. The spikelets measure 4-5 mm long (vs. 3-4 mm long in the former), and the lemma awn is much thicker than the callus hairs (vs. about same width and thus hard to pick out in that species).
Taxonomic CommentsThe only taxon present in NC is ssp. inexpansa.

Other Common Name(s)Narrowspike Reedgrass (the most often used name for ssp. inexpansa).
State Rank[S1]
Global RankG5
State Status[SR-D]
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