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AuthorC.N. Horn
DistributionHeteranthera multiflora was split into several species in 2020 by C.N. Horn. H. pauciflora is centered on the central Atlantic Coastal Plain. In NC, it apparently is limited to the northern Coastal Plain ranging south only to Martin and Washington counties, plus a few records for the northeastern Piedmont (Wake and Durham counties).

The central portions of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, ranging only from NJ and PA south to northeastern NC.
AbundanceRare to possibly uncommon in the northern Coastal Plain, and very rare westward to the eastern Piedmont. It is unclear if any records now attributed to H. reniformis might now refer to H. pauciflora.
HabitatOccurs in shallow water, or muddy spots -- habitats seemingly similar to nearly identical to that H. reniformis.
PhenologyFlowers and fruits from June - October.
IdentificationAs H. multiflora is no longer considered to occur in NC, one must carefully separate H. pauciflora from the presumably more numerous and widespread H. reniformis. Each has thick, glossy, and rounded to orbicular leaves growing along the ground, with a slender inflorescence of several flowers on a short stalk. According to Weakley (2020), this species has the "Second node above the base of the inflorescence <5 mm long; hairs on the lateral filaments purple; leaves rounded-oval"; H. reniformis has "Second node above the base of the inflorescence >5 mm long; hairs on the lateral filaments white; leaves reniform."
Taxonomic CommentsSee above. This species was described by Horn in 2020, as a split from H. multiflora, which is now considered to only occur in Argentina and Paraguay.

Other Common Name(s)Few-flowered Mud-plantain
State RankS1
Global RankG3?
State StatusSR-P
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Jenny StanleyDurham Co.; Hebron Road Remnant Glade; 7 August 2015. DurhamPhoto_natural
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