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Section 6 » Family Violaceae
DistributionSupposedly present in the southern portions of the Mountains and Piedmont, but specimens apparently have yet to be annotated; currently all(?) herbaria list this species within V. tripartita var. glaberrima, or within V. glaberrima. Thus, this website can provide no map of county records at the present time. This is a new and likely controversial split, included in Weakley (2020) but not in SERNEC.

Weakley (2020) gives "Sw. NC and c. TN south to c. SC, w. GA, FL Panhandle, and c. and nw. AL".
AbundanceNot known at all, but probably very rare or rare, as Weakley's (2020) map shows "rare" in each of the Mountains and Piedmont of NC. The website editors suggest a Watch List status, and give a preliminary rank of [S1?] for now.
HabitatFrom Weakley (2020): "Rich dry to dry-mesic forests ... occupies somewhat drier microsites" than does the very similar V. glaberrima, a species of rich lower slopes and bottomlands. Both species probably only occur over high pH soils.
PhenologyFlowers and fruits from February to March, according to Weakley (2020).
IdentificationFrom Weakley (2020): "Leaf blades lance-triangular to rhombic-lanceolate, broadest just above the base, base broadly cuneate to truncate; apical half of blade subentire; stem and leaves minutely puberulent, hairs requiring magnification to see clearly; [mostly south of TN and NC]". The extremely similar V. glaberrima has "Leaf blades narrowly ovate, broadest well above the base, base broadly rounded to cuneate; apical half of blade with conspicuous marginal teeth; stem and leaves sparsely to moderately hirtellous with easily visible hairs; [north of GA and SC]" (Weakley 2020).
Taxonomic CommentsSee above. Only very recently considered as a full species, split from V. glaberrima, which itself is usually considered in most references as a variety of V. tripartita! Thus, references likely will be slow in listing this taxon as a full species anytime soon.

General note on Viola: In 2009-10 B.A. Sorrie (website map editor) went through the whole collection at NCU, annotating all specimens against those verified by experts in the genus. The range maps in RAB (1968) have been changed accordingly. More recently, H. Ballard and students are in the process of revising all Southeastern Viola, and they will recognize additional species; this work has now been published (see above). We will follow updated editions of Weakley in recognizing them.
Other Common Name(s)None?
State Rank[S1?]
Global RankGNA
State Status[W7]
US Status
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