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Section 6 » Order Asterales » Family Asteraceae
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DistributionWeakley (2020) splits this taxon out from B. comosa, which was also split out a while back from B. tripartita! Thus, this species complex is somewhat unsettled, though B. connata is a long-recognized name from decades ago. Weakley (2020) considers it as occurring nearly statewide. The map below is perhaps incomplete, or may well include some specimens labelled as "B. connata" that might be B. comosa instead.

Eastern Canada south to GA, AL, and KS.
AbundanceWeakley (2020) map shows it as "common" in the Mountains, "uncommon" in the Piedmont, and "rare" in the Coastal Plain.
Habitat"Marshes, bogs, wet meadows, disturbed areas" (Weakley 2020).
PhenologyFlowers and fruits August-October.
IdentificationThis species is very similar to B. comosa, and is easily confused. This species has "Cypselas (at least inner) usually ± 4-angled and 4-awned, the faces usually strigose or tuberculate; disc corollas 5-lobed, orange-yellow; anthers usually blackish", whereas B. comosa has "Cypselas ± flattened, sometimes weakly 3 (-4)-angled and 3 (-4)-awned, the faces usually smooth, seldom notably tuberculate; disc corollas 4-lobed, light yellow; anthers usually pale" (Weakley 2020).
Taxonomic CommentsSee above. NatureServe does not even give a "Q" to its Global Rank -- a straight G5.

Other Common Name(s)None?
State RankS3? [S3?]
Global RankG5
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