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Account for Leavenworth's Goldenrod - Solidago leavenworthii   Torrey & A. Gray
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AuthorTorrey & A. Gray
DistributionSouthern part of the Coastal Plain only, north to Scotland, Sampson, and Carteret counties. The record from Cumberland County (RAB) is based on a misidentified specimen.

Coastal Plain, NC to southern FL and southern AL.
AbundanceVery rare to rare and local; declining in the state, with barely 3-4 extant sites, including one discovered in Brunswick County in late 2020. One specimen record noted that there were at least 25 plants present. This is a State Endangered species.
HabitatMoist soils of Clay-based Carolina bays (Robeson Co., Scotland Co.), moist pine savannas (Carteret Co.), depression in sand ridge (Columbus Co.), clearing by creek (Sampson Co.). Most of these habitats are very limited in acreage, and are easily impacted by improper water levels, drawdown of the water table, and destruction of such isolated wetlands.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting August-October.
IdentificationLeavenworth's Goldenrod typically grows 2-3 feet tall with very leafy stems that have very short but rough-feeling hairs. Leaves are narrowly lance-shape to linear (broadest leaves are lowest on the stem); there is no basal rosette of leaves. The inflorescence is typically elongate, with short to longish, curved branches. Leaves usually have very short hairs in lines along veins. It looks quite like a "runt" Giant Goldenrod (S. gigantea), but that plant has a quite glabrous stem, and it usually grows over 4 feet tall; both are essentially wetland species.
Taxonomic CommentsNone

Other Common Name(s)None
State RankS1
Global RankG3G4
State StatusE
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Eric Ungbergeastern Brunswick County; 31 October 2020 (portion of same plant as above) BrunswickPhoto_natural
Eric Ungbergeastern Brunswick County; 31 October 2020 BrunswickPhoto_natural
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