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DistributionMostly in the Mountains; also Polk and Mecklenburg counties in the Piedmont. First collected in 1933 and 1938 in Haywood County.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. most of Canada and U.S., except TX, AL, FL, SC.
AbundanceRare to uncommon in the Mountains; very rare in the Piedmont.
HabitatRoadsides, yard weed, mountain ridge, campus weed escaped from plantings.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting August-October.
IdentificationThis species is readily identified by a stem 3 feet or more tall, the inflorescence a rather flat-topped array of bright yellow "buttons" (ray florets absent), and fern-like dissected leaves. Even when in full bloom, it has the appearance of a plant still in bud, as the disks are so dense that it looks like the florets have still not yet opened.
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B.A. SorrieTroy NY, roadside and field, Aug 2014. Photo_non_NCPhoto_non_NC

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