Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Five-stamen Chickweed - Cerastium semidecandrum   L.
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Section 6 » Order Caryophyllales » Family Caryophyllaceae
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DistributionScattered across the state, with large gaps. An unidentified specimen at NCU, from Iredell County in 1982, was finally annotated in 2020. This species is overlooked and occurs in many more counties than the records indicate.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. -- N.S. to Ont. and NE, south to FL, LA, and KS; also B.C. to OR and ID.
AbundanceUncommon in the Piedmont; rare in the Mountains, Sandhills, and Coastal Plain.
HabitatDry to xeric sandy roadsides, lawn weed, disturbed soil.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-June.
IdentificationThis species and C. pumilum are small to tiny "belly plants" with very small flowers. The petals of the latter equal or surpass the sepals and petals and are more deeply cleft, versus shorter than the sepals and less deeply cleft in C. semidecandrum.
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B.A. SorrieRoadside, Lower River Road, April 2015. LeePhoto_non_natural
B.A. SorrieFallow field, Whispering Pines, March 2015.
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