Moths of North Carolina
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Coleophora laticornella Clemens, 1860 - Pecan Cigar Casebearer Moth

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Superfamily: Gelechioidea Family: ColeophoridaeSubfamily: ColeophorinaeTribe: [Coleophorini]P3 Number: 421548.00 MONA Number: 1291.00
Comments: The genus Coleophora is one of the most taxonomically challenging groups in North America. With only a few exceptions, most species cannot be identified based on photographs or external characters. The shape of the larval cases and host plants are very useful in identifying species, and high-quality dissections of genitalia are essential to recognize the majority of species. There are numerous species complexes with many undescribed species, and the taxonomy of Nearctic species remains largely unresolved.
Field Guide Descriptions: Online Photographs: MPG, BugGuide, iNaturalist, Google, BAMONA, GBIF                                                                                 
Adult ID Requirements: Identifiable only by close inspection of structural features or by DNA analysis.
Distribution in North Carolina
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Flight Dates:
 High Mountains (HM) ≥ 4,000 ft.
 Low Mountains (LM) < 4,000 ft.
 Piedmont (Pd)
 Coastal Plain (CP)

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Status in North Carolina
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State Protection: Has no legal protection, although permits are required to collect it on state parks and other public lands.