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Stream Bluet (Enallagma exsulans) by Mark Shields
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distribution Throughout the mountains and Piedmont; also in the upper Coastal Plain, east to Hertford, Pitt, and Cumberland counties.
abundance Common, at least locally, in the mountains and Piedmont; rare in the Coastal Plain portion of the range. Several counts of at least 100 individuals in a day have been made in the eastern Piedmont.
flight Late April to mid-October in the Piedmont, and mid-May to at least mid-September in the mountains. The relatively few dates from the Coastal Plain fall between late May and late September, though the flight ought to be similar to that in the Piedmont.
habitat A wide variety of creeks and rivers, with slow to moderate current.
comments This species generally avoids lakes, ponds, and other still waters -- unlike nearly all other bluets. It seems to be one of the few bluets that observers in the Piedmont seem to bother to photograph in recent years, perhaps as most people there are looking at creeks and rivers for clubtails and other dragonflies, and not looking around pond and lake margins for those many damselfly species that favor lentic conditions (versus lotic conditions of flowing waters).
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Photo 1 by: P Dixon

Comment: Madison, 2021-06-24, Laurel River
Photo 2 by: P Dixon

Comment: Madison, 2021-06-04, Hot Springs area
Photo 3 by: Ruby Sarkar

Comment: Wake, 2020-06-21, This damselfly was seen near the Falls Lake Dam, in Raleigh. It was a hot, sunny summer afternoon. This is a mature male. There were many of them from this species at that time. These damselflies were flying over a small pool of water adjacent to the dam. the water was not deep. These damselflies always preferred perching on twigs or grasses that stood out of water. They stayed close to water, didn't wander off.
Photo 4 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Stanly, 2018-08-31, Rocky River @ NC 138
Photo 5 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Harnett; C, 2018-07-13, Cape Fear River Trail Park, Erwin
Photo 6 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Forsyth, 2018-07-08, Winston Lake
Photo 7 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Forsyth, 2018-07-01, Winston Lake
Photo 8 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Guilford, 2018-06-30, N. Buffalo Creek @ SR 2832
Photo 9 by: John Petranka, Chuck Smith

Comment: Caldwell, 2018-06-08, Wilson Creek at Visitor's Center. - Male.
Photo 10 by: Vin Stanton

Comment: Buncombe, 2017-08-13, Woodfin Riverside Park; Lat: 35.63133 Long -82.60006 - Male
Photo 11 by: Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips

Comment: Union, 2017-05-15, Rocky River at Randolph Landing, Rocky River Blueway Access and Nature Park
Photo 12 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Graham, 2014-07-15, whitewater input ramp on the Cheoah River - photo of male
Photo 13 by: Doug Johnston, Vin Stanton

Comment: Macon, 2013-07-16, Patton
Photo 14 by: George Andrews

Comment: Union, 2013-05-29, Rocky River at Hilford Road, intersection of Union, Anson, and Stanly counties.
Photo 15 by: Doug Johnston, Simon Thompson, Gail Lankford, Vin Stanton

Comment: Henderson, 2011-08-06, Fletcher Park - Male
Photo 16 by: Vin Stanton, Doug Johnston

Comment: Haywood, 2011-06-08, Lake Junaluska - Male & Female
Photo 17 by: Vin Stanton, Doug Johnston

Comment: Haywood, 2011-06-08, Lake Junaluska - Male & Female
Photo 18 by: Bob Oberfelder

Comment: Wake, 2011-06-07, Observed in Cary at Lochmere Golf Course, male
Photo 19 by: Doug Johnston, Vin Stanton

Comment: Madison, 2011-06-05, Sandy Mush Creek
Photo 20 by: Doug Johnston

Comment: Buncombe, 2011-06-04, French Broad River, northern Buncombe County
Photo 21 by: E. Corey

Comment: Avery, 2008-06-18, southernmost bog
Photo 22 by: Ted Wilcox

Comment: Alleghany, 2006-07-19, mated
Photo 23 by: Randy Emmitt

Comment: Durham, 2004-06-02, male