The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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North Carolina's 189 Odonate species
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Scientific NameCommon NameSimilar Species
Aeshna tuberculiferaBlack-tipped Darner  Shadow Darner  Springtime Darner  Green-striped Darner
Aeshna umbrosaShadow Darner  Black-tipped Darner  Springtime Darner  Green-striped Darner
Aeshna verticalisGreen-striped Darner  Shadow Darner  Black-tipped Darner  Springtime Darner
Amphiagrion sauciumEastern Red Damsel  Duckweed Firetail
Anax juniusCommon Green Darner  Comet Darner
Anax longipesComet Darner  Common Green Darner
Aphylla williamsoniTwo-striped Forceptail  Russet-tipped Clubtail  Southeastern Spinyleg
Archilestes grandisGreat Spreadwing  Distinctive
Argia apicalisBlue-fronted Dancer  Powdered Dancer
Argia bipunctulataSeepage Dancer  Familiar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet  Hagen's Bluet
Argia fumipennisVariable Dancer  Blue-tipped Dancer
Argia moestaPowdered Dancer  Blue-fronted Dancer
Argia sedulaBlue-ringed Dancer  Skimming Bluet
Argia tibialisBlue-tipped Dancer  Blackwater Bluet  Variable Dancer  Dusky Dancer
Argia translataDusky Dancer  Blue-tipped Dancer
Arigomphus pallidusGray-green Clubtail  Distinctive
Arigomphus villosipesUnicorn Clubtail  Distinctive
Basiaeschna janataSpringtime Darner  Black-tipped Darner  Shadow Darner  Green-striped Darner
Boyeria grafianaOcellated Darner  Fawn Darner
Boyeria vinosaFawn Darner  Ocellated Darner
Brachymesia gravidaFour-spotted Pennant  Distinctive
Calopteryx amataSuperb Jewelwing  Appalachian Jewelwing  Sparkling Jewelwing  Ebony Jewelwing
Calopteryx angustipennisAppalachian Jewelwing  Superb Jewelwing  Sparkling Jewelwing  Ebony Jewelwing
Calopteryx dimidiataSparkling Jewelwing  Superb Jewelwing  Appalachian Jewelwing  Ebony Jewelwing
Calopteryx maculataEbony Jewelwing  Superb Jewelwing  Appalachian Jewelwing  Sparkling Jewelwing  Smoky Rubyspot
Celithemis amandaAmanda's Pennant  Ornate Pennant  Calico Pennant
Celithemis berthaRed-veined Pennant  Distinctive
Celithemis elisaCalico Pennant  Ornate Pennant  Amanda's Pennant
Celithemis eponinaHalloween Pennant  Painted Skimmer  Banded Pennant
Celithemis fasciataBanded Pennant  Halloween Pennant
Celithemis ornataOrnate Pennant  Amanda's Pennant  Calico Pennant
Celithemis vernaDouble-ringed Pennant  Marl Pennant  Seaside Dragonlet  Slaty Skimmer
Chromagrion conditumAurora Damsel  Distinctive
Cordulegaster bilineataBrown Spiketail  Twin-spotted Spiketail  Arrowhead Spiketail  Tiger Spiketail
Cordulegaster erroneaTiger Spiketail  Twin-spotted Spiketail  Arrowhead Spiketail  Brown Spiketail
Cordulegaster maculataTwin-spotted Spiketail  Tiger Spiketail  Arrowhead Spiketail  Brown Spiketail
Cordulegaster obliquaArrowhead Spiketail  Twin-spotted Spiketail  Tiger Spiketail  Brown Spiketail
Cordulia shurtleffiiAmerican Emerald  Clamp-tipped Emerald  Mocha Emerald
Coryphaeschna ingensRegal Darner  Swamp Darner  Cyrano Darner  Phantom Darner
Didymops transversaStream Cruiser  Distinctive
Dromogomphus armatusSoutheastern Spinyleg  Flag-tailed Spinyleg  Russet-tipped Clubtail  Two-striped Forceptail
Dromogomphus spinosusBlack-shouldered Spinyleg  Riverine Clubtail  Dragonhunter
Dromogomphus spoliatusFlag-tailed Spinyleg  Southeastern Spinyleg
Dythemis veloxSwift Setwing  Blue Dasher
Enallagma aspersumAzure Bluet  Attenuated Bluet  Pale Bluet  Slender Bluet
Enallagma basidensDouble-striped Bluet  Familiar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet  Big Bluet
Enallagma civileFamiliar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet  Big Bluet  Hagen's Bluet  Little Bluet
Enallagma concisumCherry Bluet  Burgundy Bluet
Enallagma daeckiiAttenuated Bluet  Pale Bluet  Slender Bluet
Enallagma davisiSandhill Bluet  Familiar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet
Enallagma divagansTurquoise Bluet  Stream Bluet  Slender Bluet  Skimming Bluet
Enallagma doubledayiAtlantic Bluet  Familiar Bluet  Big Bluet  Hagen's Bluet  Little Bluet
Enallagma dubiumBurgundy Bluet  Cherry Bluet
Enallagma durumBig Bluet  Familiar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet
Enallagma exsulansStream Bluet  Turquoise Bluet  Skimming Bluet  Slender Bluet
Enallagma geminatumSkimming Bluet  Turquoise Bluet  Slender Bluet  Lilypad Forktail
Enallagma hageniHagen's Bluet  Familiar Bluet  Atlantic Bluet
Enallagma minusculumLittle Bluet  Atlantic Bluet  Familiar Bluet
Enallagma pallidumPale Bluet  Attenuated Bluet  Turquoise Bluet  Stream Bluet  Slender Bluet
Enallagma signatumOrange Bluet  Vesper Bluet  Golden Bluet
Enallagma sulcatumGolden Bluet  Orange Bluet  Vesper Bluet
Enallagma traviatumSlender Bluet  Azure Bluet  Attenuated Bluet  Turquoise Bluet  Pale Bluet
Enallagma vesperumVesper Bluet  Orange Bluet  Golden Bluet
Enallagma weewaBlackwater Bluet  Blue-tipped Dancer
Epiaeschna herosSwamp Darner  Regal Darner  Cyrano Darner  Phantom Darner
Epitheca costalisSlender Baskettail  Common Baskettail  Mantled Baskettail  Robust Baskettail
Epitheca cynosuraCommon Baskettail  Slender Baskettail  Mantled Baskettail  Robust Baskettail
Epitheca princepsPrince Baskettail  Distinctive
Epitheca semiaqueaMantled Baskettail  Slender Baskettail  Common Baskettail  Robust Baskettail
Epitheca spinosaRobust Baskettail  Slender Baskettail  Common Baskettail  Mantled Baskettail
Erpetogomphus designatusEastern Ringtail  Distinctive
Erythemis simplicicollisEastern Pondhawk  Blue Dasher  Blue Corporal  Great Blue Skimmer
Erythrodiplax bereniceSeaside Dragonlet  Slaty Skimmer  Double-ringed Pennant
Erythrodiplax minusculaLittle Blue Dragonlet  Blue Dasher  Elfin Skimmer
Gomphaeschna antilopeTaper-tailed Darner  Harlequin Darner
Gomphaeschna furcillataHarlequin Darner  Taper-tailed Darner
Gomphurus dilatatusBlackwater Clubtail  Cobra Clubtail  Splendid Clubtail  Midland Clubtail  Septima's Clubtail  Cocoa Clubtail
Gomphurus fraternusMidland Clubtail  Splendid Clubtail  Cobra Clubtail  Cocoa Clubtail  Blackwater Clubtail  Septima's Clubtail
Gomphurus hybridusCocoa Clubtail  Splendid Clubtail  Cobra Clubtail  Blackwater Clubtail  Septima's Clubtail
Gomphurus lineatifronsSplendid Clubtail  Midland Clubtail  Cobra Clubtail  Cocoa Clubtail  Blackwater Clubtail  Septima's Clubtail
Gomphurus septimaSeptima's Clubtail  Splendid Clubtail  Cobra Clubtail  Cocoa Clubtail  Blackwater Clubtail  Midland Clubtail
Gomphurus vastusCobra Clubtail  Blackwater Clubtail  Splendid Clubtail  Midland Clubtail  Septima's Clubtail  Cocoa Clubtail
Gomphurus ventricosusSkillet Clubtail  Riverine Clubtail
Gynacantha nervosaTwilight Darner  Fawn Darner
Hagenius brevistylusDragonhunter  Black-shouldered Spinyleg  Riverine Clubtail
Helocordulia selysiiSelys's Sundragon  Uhler's Sundragon
Helocordulia uhleriUhler's Sundragon  Selys's Sundragon
Hetaerina americanaAmerican Rubyspot  Smoky Rubyspot
Hetaerina titiaSmoky Rubyspot  American Rubyspot  Ebony Jewelwing
Hylogomphus abbreviatusSpine-crowned Clubtail  Banner Clubtail  Piedmont Clubtail
Hylogomphus adelphusMustached Clubtail  Green-faced Clubtail  Sable Clubtail  Cherokee Clubtail
Hylogomphus apomyiusBanner Clubtail  Spine-crowned Clubtail  Piedmont Clubtail
Hylogomphus parvidensPiedmont Clubtail  Spine-crowned Clubtail  Banner Clubtail
Hylogomphus viridifronsGreen-faced Clubtail  Mustached Clubtail
Ischnura hastataCitrine Forktail  Distinctive
Ischnura kellicottiLilypad Forktail  Skimming Bluet
Ischnura positaFragile Forktail  Distinctive
Ischnura prognataFurtive Forktail  Rambur's Forktail  Eastern Forktail
Ischnura ramburiiRambur's Forktail  Furtive Forktail  Eastern Forktail
Ischnura verticalisEastern Forktail  Furtive Forktail  Rambur's Forktail
Ladona deplanataBlue Corporal  Eastern Pondhawk  Blue Dasher  Chalk-fronted Corporal
Ladona juliaChalk-fronted Corporal  Blue Corporal
Lanthus vernalisSouthern Pygmy Clubtail  Sable Clubtail  Cherokee Clubtail
Lestes australisSouthern Spreadwing  Slender Spreadwing  Carolina Spreadwing  Sweetflag Spreadwing
Lestes congenerSpotted Spreadwing  Amber-winged Spreadwing  Swamp Spreadwing
Lestes eurinusAmber-winged Spreadwing  Spotted Spreadwing  Elegant Spreadwing
Lestes forcipatusSweetflag Spreadwing  Southern Spreadwing
Lestes inaequalisElegant Spreadwing  Amber-winged Spreadwing  Swamp Spreadwing
Lestes rectangularisSlender Spreadwing  Southern Spreadwing
Lestes viduaCarolina Spreadwing  Southern Spreadwing  Swamp Spreadwing
Lestes vigilaxSwamp Spreadwing  Elegant Spreadwing  Carolina Spreadwing
Libellula auripennisGolden-winged Skimmer  Needham's Skimmer
Libellula axilenaBar-winged Skimmer  Slaty Skimmer  Great Blue Skimmer
Libellula cyaneaSpangled Skimmer  Yellow-sided Skimmer
Libellula flavidaYellow-sided Skimmer  Spangled Skimmer
Libellula incestaSlaty Skimmer  Bar-winged Skimmer  Seaside Dragonlet  Double-ringed Pennant
Libellula luctuosaWidow Skimmer  Distinctive
Libellula needhamiNeedham's Skimmer  Golden-winged Skimmer
Libellula pulchellaTwelve-spotted Skimmer  Distinctive
Libellula semifasciataPainted Skimmer  Halloween Pennant
Libellula vibransGreat Blue Skimmer  Bar-winged Skimmer  Eastern Pondhawk
Macrodiplax balteataMarl Pennant  Double-ringed Pennant  Black Saddlebags
Macromia alleghaniensisAllegheny River Cruiser  Swift River Cruiser  Mountain River Cruiser  Royal River Cruiser
Macromia illinoiensisSwift River Cruiser  Allegheny River Cruiser  Mountain River Cruiser  Royal River Cruiser
Macromia margaritaMountain River Cruiser  Allegheny River Cruiser  Swift River Cruiser  Royal River Cruiser
Macromia taeniolataRoyal River Cruiser  Allegheny River Cruiser  Swift River Cruiser  Mountain River Cruiser
Nannothemis bellaElfin Skimmer  Little Blue Dragonlet
Nasiaeschna pentacanthaCyrano Darner  Swamp Darner  Regal Darner
Nehalennia gracilisSphagnum Sprite  Southern Sprite
Nehalennia integricollisSouthern Sprite  Sphagnum Sprite
Neurocordulia alabamensisAlabama Shadowdragon  Smoky Shadowdragon  Umber Shadowdragon  Stygian Shadowdragon  Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia molestaSmoky Shadowdragon  Alabama Shadowdragon  Umber Shadowdragon  Stygian Shadowdragon  Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia obsoletaUmber Shadowdragon  Smoky Shadowdragon  Alabama Shadowdragon  Stygian Shadowdragon  Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia virginiensisCinnamon Shadowdragon  Alabama Shadowdragon  Smoky Shadowdragon  Umber Shadowdragon  Stygian Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia yamaskanensisStygian Shadowdragon  Alabama Shadowdragon  Smoky Shadowdragon  Umber Shadowdragon  Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Ophiogomphus aspersusBrook Snaketail  Appalachian Snaketail  Edmund's Snaketail  Maine Snaketail  Rusty Snaketail
Ophiogomphus edmundoEdmund's Snaketail  Appalachian Snaketail  Maine Snaketail  Rusty Snaketail  Brook Snaketail
Ophiogomphus howeiPygmy Snaketail  Distinctive
Ophiogomphus incurvatusAppalachian Snaketail  Edmund's Snaketail  Maine Snaketail  Rusty Snaketail  Brook Snaketail
Ophiogomphus mainensisMaine Snaketail  Edmund's Snaketail  Appalachian Snaketail  Rusty Snaketail  Brook Snaketail
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensisRusty Snaketail  Edmund's Snaketail  Appalachian Snaketail  Maine Snaketail  Brook Snaketail
Orthemis ferrugineaRoseate Skimmer  Distinctive
Pachydiplax longipennisBlue Dasher  Little Blue Dragonlet  Blue Corporal  Eastern Pondhawk  Swift Setwing
Pantala flavescensWandering Glider  Spot-winged Glider
Pantala hymenaeaSpot-winged Glider  Wandering Glider
Perithemis teneraEastern Amberwing  Distinctive
Phanogomphus australisClearlake Clubtail  Diminutive Clubtail
Phanogomphus borealisBeaverpond Clubtail  Rapids Clubtail  Harpoon Clubtail
Phanogomphus cavillarisSandhill Clubtail  Lancet Clubtail  Ashy Clubtail
Phanogomphus descriptusHarpoon Clubtail  Rapids Clubtail  Beaverpond Clubtail
Phanogomphus diminutusDiminutive Clubtail  Clearlake Clubtail
Phanogomphus exilisLancet Clubtail  Ashy Clubtail  Sandhill Clubtail
Phanogomphus lividusAshy Clubtail  Lancet Clubtail  Sandhill Clubtail
Phanogomphus quadricolorRapids Clubtail  Harpoon Clubtail  Beaverpond Clubtail
Plathemis lydiaCommon Whitetail  Distinctive
Progomphus belleiBelle's Sanddragon  Common Sanddragon
Progomphus obscurusCommon Sanddragon  Belle's Sanddragon
Rhionaeschna multicolorBlue-eyed Darner
Somatochlora elongataSki-tipped Emerald  Clamp-tipped Emerald
Somatochlora filosaFine-lined Emerald  Mocha Emerald  Clamp-tipped Emerald  Treetop Emerald
Somatochlora georgianaCoppery Emerald  Distinctive
Somatochlora linearisMocha Emerald  Treetop Emerald  Clamp-tipped Emerald  Fine-lined Emerald  American Emerald
Somatochlora provocansTreetop Emerald  Mocha Emerald  Clamp-tipped Emerald  Fine-lined Emerald
Somatochlora tenebrosaClamp-tipped Emerald  Mocha Emerald  Treetop Emerald  Fine-lined Emerald  Ski-tipped Emerald  American Emerald
Stenogomphurus consanguisCherokee Clubtail  Sable Clubtail  Mustached Clubtail  Southern Pygmy Clubtail
Stenogomphurus rogersiSable Clubtail  Mustached Clubtail  Southern Pygmy Clubtail  Cherokee Clubtail
Stylogomphus albistylusEastern Least Clubtail  Interior Least Clubtail
Stylogomphus sigmastylusInterior Least Clubtail  Eastern Least Clubtail
Stylurus amnicolaRiverine Clubtail  Black-shouldered Spinyleg  Dragonhunter
Stylurus ivaeShining Clubtail  Russet-tipped Clubtail
Stylurus lauraeLaura's Clubtail  Arrow Clubtail  Townes's Clubtail
Stylurus plagiatusRusset-tipped Clubtail  Two-striped Forceptail  Southeastern Spinyleg  Shining Clubtail
Stylurus scudderiZebra Clubtail  Distinctive
Stylurus spinicepsArrow Clubtail  Laura's Clubtail  Townes's Clubtail
Stylurus townesiTownes's Clubtail  Laura's Clubtail  Arrow Clubtail
Sympetrum ambiguumBlue-faced Meadowhawk  Autumn Meadowhawk
Sympetrum corruptumVariegated Meadowhawk  Distinctive
Sympetrum internumCherry-faced Meadowhawk  Ruby Meadowhawk  White-faced Meadowhawk  Autumn Meadowhawk  Band-winged Meadowhawk
Sympetrum obtrusumWhite-faced Meadowhawk  Autumn Meadowhawk  Ruby Meadowhawk  Band-winged Meadowhawk  Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum rubicundulumRuby Meadowhawk  Autumn Meadowhawk  White-faced Meadowhawk  Band-winged Meadowhawk  Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum semicinctumBand-winged Meadowhawk  Autumn Meadowhawk  Ruby Meadowhawk  White-faced Meadowhawk  Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum vicinumAutumn Meadowhawk  Ruby Meadowhawk  White-faced Meadowhawk  Band-winged Meadowhawk  Blue-faced Meadowhawk  Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Tachopteryx thoreyiGray Petaltail  Distinctive
Telebasis byersiDuckweed Firetail  Eastern Red Damsel
Tramea carolinaCarolina Saddlebags  Red Saddlebags  Striped Saddlebags
Tramea darwiniStriped Saddlebags  Carolina Saddlebags  Red Saddlebags
Tramea lacerataBlack Saddlebags  Marl Pennant
Tramea onustaRed Saddlebags  Carolina Saddlebags  Striped Saddlebags
Triacanthagyna trifidaPhantom Darner  Swamp Darner  Regal Darner