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Chalk-fronted Corporal (Ladona julia) by Matt Weldon. 2017-05-16 LaGrange County, IN
Compare with: Blue Corporal  
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distribution This is a Northern species normally found south only to VA and WV. Quite a range extension occurred when ten larvae were collected in Jackson County in 2003. One should not assume that it occurs in most counties northward.
abundance Obviously extremely rare in the mountains.
flight Mainly in early and mid-summer. No flight date information for NC, as the record applies only to larvae and not to adults. However, records in VA fall between 4 June and 8 August, based on the Atlas of Rare Butterflies, Skippers, Moths, Dragonflies & Damselflies of Virginia website.
habitat Breeds at bogs, boggy pond or lake margins, and slow portions of streams -- usually in quite acidic waters.
behavior The species often forages well away from water, by perching on the ground or other conspicuous places. In this regard, it is quite similar in behavior to the Blue Corporal and Common Whitetail.
comments This is a very common dragonfly in Northern states, and being quite bold in perching and striking in appearance (at least males), it is a familiar species. If it were widely occurring in the NC mountains, there would certainly have been more records by now, as it is hard to overlook. The NC record came from Panthertown Bog. Here is the text submitted by Erika Yates on 17 July 2003: "... added to the dragonfly species composition which included sampling in the [Panthertown Valley] bog. I found a new state record, Ladona (Libellula) julia, verified by Dr. Mike May." However, her thesis indicates that she saw no adults, but did collect ten larvae, verified by Dr. May. [He is a co-author of several major reference works on odonates, and thus the NC Natural Heritage Program considers the record as valid.] However, this record does not appear on the OdonataCentral map, likely because there is no specimen or photo of an adult available for NC.
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G_rank G5
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