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Plethodon yonahlossee population 1 - Crevice Salamander

Class: Amphibia Order: Caudata Family: Plethodontidae Subfamily: Plethodontinae
Taxonomic Comments: This page provides locality information and images of a crevice-dwelling form of P. yonahlossee that occurs in or near the vicinity of Bat Cave and Chimney Rock in western North Carolina. It was described by Adler and Dennis (1962) as a separate species, P. longicrus. Compared to typical P. yonahlossee, this form has reduced red or reddish-brown pigmentation on the back, relatively longer legs, and a stronger affiliation with rock crevices. Guttman et al. (1978) conducted a morphological, ecological and molecular comparisons of P. longicrus and P. yonahlossee and concluded that P. longicrus is only a geographic variant of P. yonahlossee. Genetic differences between these forms were typical of those reported for conspecific populations, and individuals referable to P. longicrus were frequently collected away from rock crevices and on the forest floor where P. yonahlossee dwells. In addition, relative limb length overlapped substantially among the two and was not considered to be a diagnostic character. Here, we follow recent taxonomic treatments and consider these forms to represent a single, geographically variable species, P. yonahlossee
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Recorded by: S. Wong Chong, J. Thomson, A. Smith
Rutherford Co.
Recorded by: B. Bockhahn, CHRO staff
Rutherford Co.