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Monorachis sordulentus - No Common Name

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Description: A dark species that is typically brackypterous (shortened, reduced wings); macropterous individuals are less common. The wings are mottled and there are three prominent ridges (carinae) on the thorax. The frons is very wide.

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Distribution in North Carolina
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Distribution: Eastern United States (UDEL)
Seasonal Occurrence
Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Has been found in wet, grassy depressions at the edge of a woodlands (UDEL)
Plant Associates: Has been recorded from Andropogon sp. (Poaceae) (UDEL)
Comment: Members of this genus are infrequently encountered. This is the only brachypterous genus of Cixiids in the United States. (UDEL)
Status: Native
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