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Azure Bluet (Enallagma aspersum) by Mark Shields
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flight charts
distribution Throughout the mountains, and essentially throughout the Piedmont; nearly throughout the Coastal Plain, but essentially absent in the eastern quarter, especially in the Tidewater zone.
abundance Common in the mountains, at least locally. Uncommon in the Piedmont, though may be locally fairly common to common. Rare in the Coastal Plain, and possibly absent close to the coast, especially in the far eastern counties.
flight The mountain flight occurs from late April to late September. The Piedmont flight is slightly longer -- mid-April to early October, and the Coastal Plain flight even slightly longer -- mid-April to early November.
habitat Ponds and small lakes, usually with emergent vegetation. Often, but not exclusively, in fishless waters.
comments The species is more easily found in the NC mountains than downstate. Yet, the three highest counts are from the eastern Piedmont -- from Wake County, and thus it is disturbing or at least odd there are no records for 35-40% of the Piedmont counties, and recent records from just several of the counties in this province. Is the species really that scarce in central NC, considering its local abundance in the mountains and Wake County? Of note is that the species is very rare in the SC Piedmont, found just in a few foothill counties.
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Photo Gallery for Azure Bluet   22 photos are shown. Other NC Galleries:    Jeff Pippen    Will Cook    Ted Wilcox
Photo 1 by: p dixon

Comment: Madison, 2020-07-12, pond, Hot Springs area - female
Photo 2 by: Richard Stickney

Comment: Alleghany, 2020-05-30, Little Glade Mill Pond on Blue Ridge Parkway
Photo 3 by: John Petranka, Jim Petranka and party.

Comment: Avery, 2019-05-21, Pond on private property that adjoins the Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Avery County. - Males.
Photo 4 by: Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips

Comment: Mitchell, 2019-05-16, Living Waters Campground, Glen Ayre. - female at large pond. First record for county.
Photo 5 by: Natalie Beck

Comment: Gaston, 2019-04-26, Belmont, near McAdenville Rd.. iNat record# 23219044 - Male.
Photo 6 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Richmond; C, 2019-04-18, Naked Creek at Derby Road bridge - female. First record for county.
Photo 7 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Jackson, 2018-06-25, Pond beside Breedlove Road, 5 km northeast of Cashiers - Abundant; many tandem pairs
Photo 8 by: Mark Shields and Hunter Phillips

Comment: Rockingham, 2018-05-13, Mayo River State Park (MARI) - Mayo Mountain Access - male at pond near park office
Photo 9 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: Wilkes; M, 2015-06-16, WRC fishing put-in on Triplett Rd. - common today but along creek not still water
Photo 10 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: Wilkes; M, 2015-05-14, Elk Creek rocky sandbar - not typical habitat
Photo 11 by: George Andrews

Comment: Mecklenburg, 2014-07-13, Colonel Francis Beatty Park
Photo 12 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Graham, 2014-07-07, Bear Creek Junction ponds
Photo 13 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Wake, 2014-05-29, Prairie Ridge Ecostation - 27 males, 1 female
Photo 14 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Wake, 2012-07-19, Prairie Ridge Ecostation
Photo 15 by: Curtis Smalling; Harry LeGrand

Comment: Watauga, 2012-06-19, at private pond - in wheel
Photo 16 by: Doug Johnston, Vin Stanton

Comment: Madison, 2012-04-28, trout pond at Max Patch
Photo 17 by: Doug Johnston

Comment: Buncombe, 2010-07-14 - Leicester patch
Photo 18 by: Vin Stanton

Comment: Henderson, 2010-05-04, Fletcher Park @ pond
Photo 19 by: Vin Stanton

Comment: Henderson, 2009-09-28, Fletcher Park - Male
Photo 20 by: Vin Stanton

Comment: Henderson, 2009-09-24, Fletcher Park
Photo 21 by: Ted Wilcox

Comment: Ashe, 2005-07-21, female
Photo 22 by: Ted Wilcox

Comment: Ashe, 2005-07-21, female