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Russet-tipped Clubtail (Stylurus plagiatus) by Mark Shields
Compare with: Two-striped Forceptail   Southeastern Spinyleg   Shining Clubtail  
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distribution Throughout the Piedmont and nearly all of the Coastal Plain, though probably absent in the far eastern counties; only one county record for the mountains, where essentially absent. No records east of Gates, Chowan, and Hyde counties.
abundance Though there are records for close to two-thirds of the counties in the state, it is uncommon in most of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain, but can be fairly common in parts of the Coastal Plain, especially in the southern part of that province. Rare in the foothills, and likely absent in most of the mountains, at least above perhaps 2500 feet in elevation.
flight Mid-summer into mid-fall. The flight occurs from late June or early July to late October.
habitat Mainly at rivers and larger streams, but also at some lakes; silty or sandy bottoms. Occurs along both brownwater and blackwater rivers.
behavior Often perch on leaves near the water's edge, such that the weight of the body bends the leaf downward until the animals are almost in a vertical position. Adults forage in long flights over the rivers and creeks. In fact, the species is most often seen from a canoe or other type of boat along a wide creek or river, typically flying by at eye level.
comments This species, along with the Southeastern Spinyleg, has a large and bright orange/red club that is easily seen at a distance. This species can thus be fairly easily identified without a net as it cruises along a river or stream. There has been a most gratifying surge in records in recent years, especially from Mark Shields, who has several double-digit counts by paddling along rivers in the southeastern part of the state.
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Photo Gallery for Russet-tipped Clubtail   18 photos are shown. Other NC Galleries:    Jeff Pippen    Will Cook    Ted Wilcox
Photo 1 by: Lora Cline Loftin

Comment: McDowell; P, 2020-09-10, Marion - female
Photo 2 by: Natalie Beck

Comment: Gaston, 2020-07-30, South Fork of the Catawba River, Goat Island Park, Cramerton. iNaturalist Record # 54876963 - Female.
Photo 3 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Davie, 2018-08-19, S. Yadkin River @ US 601
Photo 4 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Bladen, 2017-07-30, Cape Fear River at Lock and Dam #1
Photo 5 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Harnett; C, 2017-07-21, Cape Fear River, Erwin. From NC 217 bridge to 2 km upstream, by kayak.
Photo 6 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Robeson, 2016-09-25, Lumber River, between Boardman Boating Access and Piney Island Campsite
Photo 7 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Brunswick, 2015-09-05, Waccamaw River - along 4 km stretch upstream of NC 904 bridge
Photo 8 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Columbus, 2015-09-05, Waccamaw River - along 4 km stretch upstream of NC 904 bridge
Photo 9 by: Salman Abdulali

Comment: Washington, 2015-09-05, Pocosin Natural Area, Pettigrew State Park
Photo 10 by: John Petranka, Sally Gewalt

Comment: New Hanover, 2015-08-28, Castle Hayne. Along NE Cape Fear River at Riverside Park, Old Bridge Site Rd. - Females. Perched on vegetation near the river.
Photo 11 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Sampson, 2015-08-23, Black River by kayak from Ivanhoe Boating Access to 0.5 km upstream of Dr Kerr Rd bridge
Photo 12 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Duplin, 2015-08-15, Northeast Cape Fear River by kayak, between Wayne
Photo 13 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Bladen, 2015-08-09, Black River by kayak, between NC 53/11 bridge and Hunts Bluff Wildlife ramp.
Photo 14 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Pender, 2015-08-09, Black River by kayak, between NC 53/11 bridge and Hunts Bluff Wildlife ramp.
Photo 15 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Durham, 2013-08-24, Flat River Waterfowl Impoundment - males; over Flat River
Photo 16 by: Beth Brinson

Comment: Rowan, 2008-07-19, High Rock Lake - Male
Photo 17 by: Beth Brinson

Comment: Rowan, 2008-07-19, High Rock Lake - Male
Photo 18 by: Kevin Metcalf

Comment: Mecklenburg, 2007-08-06, Latta Plantation Nature Preserve - Gar Creek kayak access area. Along lake edge - Three present, one caught, photographed and released.