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Cherry-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum internum) main photo: Ed Lam. 2009-08-12 Kent County, NE; inset photo: Curt Oien
Compare with: Ruby Meadowhawk   White-faced Meadowhawk   Autumn Meadowhawk   Band-winged Meadowhawk  
Identification Tips: Move the cursor over the image, or tap the image if using a mobile device, to reveal ID Tips.
Note: these identification tips apply specifically to mature males; features may differ in immature males and in females.
Male White-faced, Cherry-faced, and Ruby Meadowhawks cannot be identified reliably without a clear closeup photo of the hamule; see inset photo below.

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flight charts
distribution This is a Northern and Midwestern species, ranging generally south to VA and KY. There is a report/record from Macon County listed in OdonataCentral. No data, other than coordinates, are provided. The range map as shown in Paulson (2011) does extend down into NC to include this area.
abundance Presumed very rare, if it truly occurs in NC.
flight Probably June into September or October.
habitat Marshy edges of lakes, ponds, and other open wet areas.
behavior Probably like other meadowhawks.
comments It is very unfortunate that the report in OdonataCentral has no observer/photographer/collector name, no date, and no other information, to let readers know if the report is legitimate. However, the website does say that the record has been "vetted", thus approved by an expert. Nonetheless, all previous checklists for NC did not include this species; thus, it might be assumed that the report is recent (2005 or later). The N.C. Natural Heritage Program has added the species to its Watch List in 2012. If the data become available, as this species is not considered to be a migrant, it might be moved over to the Rare List. NOTE: White-faced, Cherry-faced, and Ruby meadowhawks are very difficult to identify reliably from a single typical aspect photo. Whenever possible, clear closeup photographs of the male hamules or female subgenital plate should be provided.
state_status W
S_rank SU
G_rank G5
date_spread [Overwinter:] [Date Spread:] [No Late Date:] [Split on Feb:] [Default:]
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