Arachnids of North Carolina

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Family (Alpha):

Pisaurina dubia
a nursery web spider

Nodocion floridanus
a ground spider

Kleptochthonius multispinosus

Hentzia palmarum
Longjawed jumping spider

Colonus puerperus
a jumping spider

Welcome to the North Carolina Biodiversity Project (NCBP) Class Arachnida Home Page

Extending across the top of this home page, you will find 5 more arachnid-oriented page links:
"About Arachnids" offers biological and other information about the 4 orders of arachnids currently being recorded in NC, as well as some references where you can find more information about them.
"About Us" briefly tells you what the NCBP is, and who is responsible for these arachnid pages.
"Citizen Science" offers broad commentary on how non-professional biologists and photographers can contribute to our arachnid records.
"Identification Guide" provides suggested guides and websites to help in arachnid identifications.
"Arachnid Conservation" is, as yet, a non-populated page.

Going down the menu under the top left's "Home Page" link you'll find the following links:
"Common Spiders" is a link that will display a 2-page, downloadable pdf showing some of our more common NC spiders.
"Recent Reports" shows links to the most recent arachnid additions by species and some data about each individual record.
"Recent Account Updates" displays some of the changes to the information we provide about each species.
"County Searches" lists what species have been recorded from which NC counties.
"General Search" is an extremely handy way to find out what has been collected what, where, and by whom.
"Public Record" will show a form for contributors to complete in order to submit a photo record to the NCNP for consideration.
"References" is a collection of some of the more useful publications about arachnids referenced in this site, albeit some being rather technical.
"Maps" offers two maps of NC: One shows the boundaries of our physiographic regions, as well as state Park locations, the other identifying our 100 counties.
"Checklist" presents a downloadable pdf of an up-to-date list of all the arachnids species—in the 4 orders we're currently studying—that are known to be or have ever been reported to be in NC.
"NC Biodiversity Project" leaves these Arachnid pages and takes you to the NCBP's general home page, whence you can find taxa other than Arachnida (but really, who'd want to do that?).

Number of species reported for NC: 738
Number of species recorded in database: 632
Number of records: 7,616
Clicking on a county returns a list of its species.

Citation: Bockhahn, B.; Tingley, C.; Zepp, D.; Hall, S.P.; and Howard, T. 2024. Arachnids of North Carolina [Internet]. Raleigh (NC): North Carolina Biodiversity Project and North Carolina State Parks. Available from