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Araneus thaddeus - Lattice orbweaver


Order: ARANEAEInfraorder: AraneomorphaeFamily: Araneidae                                                                                 
Species Comment: Taxonomic change from Epeira thaddeus - Hentz 1847. Patronym for Dr. Thaddeus Wm. Harris, a great friend of Hentz.
Online Description/Photos: BugGuide Google, iNaturalist, Wikipedia, GBIFTechnical Description: Spiders of North America - Bradley; Spiders of the Carolinas – Gaddy; Bugguide
Comments: Pale dorsal abdomen with a dark band around the sides. Some individuals have small, dark oval shaped spots on the abdomen. The cephalathorax and legs are orange or pale brown. The legs, particularly the hind legs, may be faintly banded. The female of this species can be confused with the white form of A. detrimentosus, but the venter markings have a yellowish blotch. Males are known to be confused with A. pegnia. A. pegnia males have a median apophysis with two apically directed teeth while A. thaddeus has three teeth of variable size.
Total Length: Small, female Total body length 3.5-8.2 mm, male Total body length 3.7-5.7 mmAdult ID: identifiable by photo
Distribution in North Carolina
Comments: Essentially statewide but perhaps most common in the Piedmont. Ranges throughout the east but scattered. Males in late summer, females late summer through early winter.
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Adult phenology:
 High Mountains (HM) ≥ 4,000 ft.
 Low Mountains (LM) < 4,000 ft.
 Piedmont (Pd)
 Coastal Plain (CP)

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Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Forest edge, ornamental shrubs and plantings, shrubs in yards.
Observation Methods: Visual observation.
Abundance/Frequency: Infrequent
Silk / Web: Orb web.
Behavior: Webs are built in shrubs and tall herbaceous growth at the edge of the woods. The conspicuous silk retreat gives this spider its common name. The silken tube has a pattern of holes that resemble latticework. Observations: This species, which is sometimes whitish on the abdomen, is nevertheless very readily recognized. I have seen some specimens larger than the delineation. Its dwelling place is really beautiful; it is placed above its web, and made of the finest white silk, shining with a satin luster; its shape is that of an inverted thimble, and it is usually placed under a leaf bent together for the purpose of affording shelter and security." Nicholas Marcellus Hentz, M.D. 1847
Status in North Carolina
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Recorded by: Mark Basinger on 2024-02-17
Lenoir Co.
Recorded by: Mark Basinger on 2024-02-17
Lenoir Co.
Recorded by: Brian Bockhahn on 2023-07-14
Hyde Co.
Recorded by: John Petranka on 2022-11-02
Orange Co.
Recorded by: Donald Zepp on 2022-10-27
Johnston Co.
Recorded by: David George on 2022-10-04
Durham Co.