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Sparkling Jewelwing (Calopteryx dimidiata) by Mark Shields
Compare with: Superb Jewelwing   Appalachian Jewelwing   Ebony Jewelwing  
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Flight Charts
Distribution Nearly statewide, but seemingly absent from the northeastern third of the Coastal Plain -- the "Pamlimarle Peninsula" and the counties north of Albemarle Sound. Of spotty occurrence in the mountains, but likely present in all counties there except perhaps ones lacking low elevations (e.g., Yancey, Mitchell, Avery, Watauga).
Abundance Locally common (to occasionally abundant) in the southern Coastal Plain, including the Sandhills. Uncommon (with relatively few recent records) throughout the Piedmont and central/northern Coastal Plain, except for the northeastern third of the latter province, where rare to absent. Very rare in the mountains. Seems to be declining in numbers in the Piedmont and mountains, and probably also in most of the central and northern Coastal Plain.
Flight Early April to early October in the Coastal Plain, but so far just from mid-May to mid-September in the Piedmont. Though there are at least nine counties with records for the mountains, we have flight data only from early June to mid-August.
Habitat Small to moderate streams as well as blackwater rivers, generally where fast-flowing and acidic, and not necessarily in forested areas (though favoring semi-shaded waters).
Behavior The black wingtips of the males are very conspicuous and make the individuals much easier to spot in flight over their shaded creeks than would be if the wings were clear. However, this species is more often found in sunnier places -- wider creeks or rivers -- than is the more shade-loving Ebony Jewelwing.
Comments Range maps in Paulson (2011) and Beaton (2007) show all of NC within the range of the species. This may be generous and "broad-brush", as it appears to be truly absent in northeastern NC and maybe absent in some of the northern mountain counties. The species is surprisingly rare in the mountains, considering its relative numbers in the Piedmont. Also, despite the heavy amount of odonate field work in the northeastern Piedmont, where many biologists live, there are no recent records there!
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Photo 1 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Moore; C, 2022-06-25, Sandhill Game Lands - Drowning Creek at Thunder Rd.
Photo 2 by: Max Ramey, Aaron Reb

Comment: Wilkes; P, 2021-07-17, Kerr Scott Dam/ Yadkin River (Dam to 1000 ft downstream)
Photo 3 by: Matt Spangler

Comment: Pender, 2021-05-24, Black River downstream of Hunts Bluff
Photo 4 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Scotland, 2021-05-01, Lumber River State Park (LURI) - Chalk Banks
Photo 5 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Scotland, 2021-05-01, Lumber River State Park (LURI) - Chalk Banks
Photo 6 by: E. Conway, N. Williamson, M. Prinz

Comment: Moore; C, 2020-07-29, Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve - adult male at moccasin crossing
Photo 7 by: B. Bockhahn

Comment: Rockingham, 2020-06-24, Haw River State Park
Photo 8 by: Doug Allen

Comment: Polk; P, 2020-06-11, Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE) - near stream
Photo 9 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Hoke, 2018-09-03, Lumber River, from Wagram Boating Access Area to Lumber River State Park-Chalk Banks boat ramp and back, by kayak
Photo 10 by: Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips, Cathy Songer

Comment: Brunswick, 2018-09-01, Rice's and Town creeks, from Rice's Creek Boating Access Area to US 17 bridge, by kayak
Photo 11 by: Mike Turner, Conrad Wernett, Alyssa Wernett

Comment: Scotland, 2017-05-07, Sandhill Game Land; creek at SR 1328 (Hoffman Rd)
Photo 12 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Jones, 2017-04-11, Island Creek trail, Croatan National Forest
Photo 13 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Robeson, 2016-09-25, Lumber River, between Boardman Boating Access and Piney Island Campsite
Photo 14 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Columbus, 2016-08-27, Lumber River, between Boardman Boating Access and Lumber River State Park Princess Ann Access
Photo 15 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Pender, 2016-05-27, Black River between Henry's Landing and Hunt's Bluff Boating Access
Photo 16 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Bladen, 2016-05-27, Black River between Henry's Landing and Hunt's Bluff Boating Access
Photo 17 by: Conrad Wernett

Comment: Jones, 2015-07-26 - Four counted, several others seen along Island Creek. Odd note, not a single male found.
Photo 18 by: Conrad Wernett, Alyssa Wernett

Comment: Richmond; C, 2015-06-14 - Males and female in foliage along Lake McKinney drainage
Photo 19 by: Kyle Kittelberger

Comment: Moore; C, 2013-06-12, Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve - seen along James Creek and at beaver ponds
Photo 20 by: Vin Stanton, Doug Johnston, Bud Webster

Comment: Transylvania, 2012-08-15, Brevard area - Male & Female
Photo 21 by: Vin Stanton, Doug Johnston, Bud Webster

Comment: Transylvania, 2012-08-15, Brevard area - Male & Female
Photo 22 by: Ali Iyoob, Matt Daw, Dan Irizarry

Comment: Richmond; C, 2011-05-05, McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery
Photo 23 by: Lee Cramer

Comment: Mecklenburg, 2010-07-06, Umbrella Trail, Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve - female
Photo 24 by: Beth Brinson

Comment: Guilford, 2009-06-19, Haw River State Park - male
Photo 25 by: E. Corey

Comment: Cumberland, 2006-06-30, Carvers Creek State Park - In creek near Atlantic White-cedar