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Related Species in CALOPTERYGIDAE: Number of records for 2024-00-00 = 9
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Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) by Owen McConnell
Compare with: Superb Jewelwing   Appalachian Jewelwing   Sparkling Jewelwing   Smoky Rubyspot  
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Flight Charts
Distribution Statewide, lacking records only in four far eastern counties, though likely present in all 100 counties.
Abundance Very common (to locally abundant) across the state, except less numerous in the eastern Coastal Plain. Seemingly rare in counties surrounding Albemarle Sound, and perhaps absent on the Outer Banks. One of the most abundant odonates in the mountain province.
Flight Early April to late October in the Coastal Plain; late April or early May to early October in the Piedmont, and to late September in the mountains.
Habitat A wide variety of stream habitats, but most common along small forested streams.

See also Habitat Account for Wet-Mesic Forests with Seepages/Headwater Streams
Behavior Where present, easily seen flitting slowly amid vegetation close to a stream, usually in shade or in small openings inside a forest.
Comments This is, by far, our most commonly seen member of the Family Calopterygidae (Broad-winged Damsels), and it is also one of the most obvious and easily identified of all of our damselflies.
State Rank S5
State Status
Global Rank G5
Federal Status
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Photo 1 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Alexander, 2023-05-11, Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area - female near summit
Photo 2 by: Jesss

Comment: New Hanover, 2022-06-30, - Male, along Sugarloaf Trail near Marina (CABE)
Photo 3 by: John Petranka

Comment: Durham, 2022-06-24, NHCBS, New Hope Creek Bottomlands, Loop Trail, east section
Photo 4 by: Nora Murdock

Comment: Swain, 2022-06-06,
Photo 5 by: Nora Murdock

Comment: Swain, 2022-06-06,
Photo 6 by: John Petranka

Comment: Alamance, 2021-05-21, Sunny patches on upland trails near the Haw River at Shallow Ford Natural Area. - 1 male, 1 female. Photo is of male.
Photo 7 by: Guy McGrane

Comment: Watauga, 2020-08-01, Brookshire Park - pic w/white wing spot-female
Photo 8 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Cumberland, 2020-05-18, retention pond @ 35.0858, -78.9181
Photo 9 by: Mark Swanson

Comment: Avery, 2019-06-04, Male and female photographed near the Linville River. Photo 1 shows male swooping in to grab female. Photo 2 shows same female depositing eggs.
Photo 10 by: Mark Swanson

Comment: Avery, 2019-06-04, Male and female photographed near the Linville River. Same female as in previous photo, depositing eggs.
Photo 11 by: Aaron Edmonds

Comment: Harnett; C, 2019-05-11, Campbell University- Marshbanks Property- In excess of 35 individuals
Photo 12 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Richmond; C, 2018-09-04, Naked Creek @ SR 1003 (Derby Rd.)
Photo 13 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Jackson, 2018-06-25, Tuckasegee River at Jackson County Greenway, northwest of Cullowhee
Photo 14 by: Ken Kneidel

Comment: Catawba, 2018-06-24, Jacob Fork Park, Newton
Photo 15 by: Aaron Edmonds

Comment: Harnett; C, 2018-06-02, Flat Branch
Photo 16 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2018-05-15, my property, Holly Ridge - male along small seepage stream
Photo 17 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Moore; C, 2017-07-19, Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve, Gum Swamp and Pine Island trails - male (most were females)
Photo 18 by: Guy McGrane

Comment: Watauga, 2017-07-17, Boone Greenway-along South Fork New River
Photo 19 by: Barbara McRae

Comment: Macon, 2017-07-03, Franklin; small tributary of Burningtown Creek, Saldeer Mtn. - Two mating pairs
Photo 20 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Ashe, 2017-06-27, New River State Park (NERI), Wagoner Access
Photo 21 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: McDowell; M, 2017-06-06, at North Fork Catawba River 35.839236 -81.98814
Photo 22 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Burke; P, 2017-06-04, Catawba Meadows Park, Morganton
Photo 23 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Mitchell, 2017-06-03, Cane Creek at Wade Tipton Memorial Ball Park, Bakersville
Photo 24 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Jones, 2017-04-11, Weetock Trail near Haywood Landing, Croatan National Forest
Photo 25 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Duplin, 2016-08-26, Northeast Cape Fear River, Kenansville Boating Access
Photo 26 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Graham, 2016-06-12, Tulula Wetlands, females
Photo 27 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Pender, 2016-05-27, Black River
Photo 28 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Bladen, 2016-05-27, Black River
Photo 29 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: McDowell; P, 2015-06-04, US Hwy 221 Baseball field park on Linville River - male and female
Photo 30 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Cherokee, 2014-06-20, two locations